Shocked Artan Hoxha: Here is the file that will take Sali Berisha like Pinochet on a stretcher to prison and his wife's relationship with Ervis Martinaj

Shocked Artan Hoxha: Here is the file that will take Sali Berisha like Pinochet

Edi Rama postpones the congress after the recent developments of SPAK and the investigations against Balluk, Agaç and Veliaj, a complete reconfiguration of the government is expected before the elections

Edi Rama postpones the congress after the recent developments of SPAK and the

The main candidate at the head of "Foltorja" Argita Malltezi is inspired by the Soviet Union, after Evi Kokalari's reaction, Sali Berisha's daughter deletes the post, Foltorja enters the stage of "eating itself"

The main candidate at the head of "Foltorja" Argita Malltezi is

Dumani lists the officials who have been investigated by SPAK, from the former prime minister, ministers, deputies and mayors and reveals the investigation of the Albanian entrepreneur who tried to create access to the international mafia in our countr...

Dumani lists the officials who have been investigated by SPAK, from the former

Here's what's happening with the investigations of the "heavyweights" of politics, Altin Dumani gives the details about Berisha, Rama and Veliaj, talks about police officers in the service of crime and threats to special prosecutors, with the help of S...

Here's what's happening with the investigations of the

Myslim Murrizi is shocked, ministers and socialist MPs have been caught in the interceptions of "EncroChat" and "Sky", Edi Rama is ready to throw them in the "mouth" of SPAK to avoid being overthrown from power, here is the former head of SHISH Visho A...

Myslim Murrizi is shocked, ministers and socialist MPs have been caught in the

KLP, who will replace Alfred Balla after the KPA "bomb", here is the name of the contender who has the majority of votes in the Council

KLP, who will replace Alfred Balla after the KPA "bomb", here is the

A fight breaks out in the "Foltores" faction, Argita Malltez's ambition to be catapulted to the head of the party puts "fire" inside Ritzemelimi, the right wing of Sali Berisha comes out against the daughter of the former prime minister

A fight breaks out in the "Foltores" faction, Argita Malltez's


Spartak Braho speaks without "gloves", here are the details from Ilir Meta's old illness, his maneuvers with the exception of Monika Kryemadhi and the strong behind-the-scenes happening inside the former LSI, from the departure of their safes associate, to the total collapse of the party

Spartak Braho speaks without "gloves", here are the details from Ilir

The former chairman of the National Security Commission, Spartak Braho, has commented on the political situation in the country, speaking without "gloves" and showing what is happening between the most talked about couple, such as Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi. During an interview for the "SOT" newspaper, Mr. Braho shared details of Ilir Meta's old illness, while also talking about his maneuvers with the exception of Monika Kryemadhi and the strong behind-the-scenes happenings within the former Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI). , today the Freedom Party (PL). Also, he talks about the departure of the associate of the Meta-Kryemadhi couple and even the total collapse of the Freedom Party. Further, during the interview with the editor-in-chief of the "SOT" newspaper, Rigels Seliman, the ex-MP spoke about Meta's warnings about nepotism in the party, as he stated that there is no such thing as nepotism in politics. Meanwhile, as a former deputy of the LSI, Mr. Braho revealed that Meta had the goal of being the leader of the SP, while adding that he regrets the lost years he spent in that party. Braho said that Meta has pushed everyone away from LSI because of his paranoia.

- Mr. Braho, why do you have such a head-on collision with SPAK from Ilir Meta?

It's part of the paranoia. Ilir Meta, who took the courage and created a political force in 2004, which was in opposition to the SP at that time, especially against the leadership of Nano at the head of that party. Meta has always aimed to be at the head of the SP, this was the reason that started the fight between them. Now it's just his paranoia, he's starting to attack starting with his closest associates, he's starting to eliminate them one by one. From that generation that was created initially, everyone has left LSI, some of them left because of the disagreement with the steps taken by Ilir Meta. PL today is not the LSI, there is an alarm in all the developments, starting from the last year of the Presidency and from now on. Now, and within his paranoia, there are also talks of political games, division of roles. The creation of LSI in PL was also a political game. It is not known in court whether this works in the name of Ilir Meta or Monika Kryemadhi.

-Does Ilir Meta seem today as if he is in a race with Sali Berisha to attack SPAK more and accuse him, seeing him as an accomplice of the former president?

They are in unison on this. It is true that I was a collaborator of that party and in its leadership, but I regret the years lost on my part because we collaborated with a man who did not even deserve the support we gave him. It has been transformed politically, psychologically and mentally. This man is not right from the top of his head. If you ask a psychologist what this man suffers from, he will immediately say paranoid. The one who is sick cannot recognize himself, he is the one at that stage who cannot understand, he has become ridiculous in the eyes of the public. He is in unison with Sali Berisha to attack SPAK. Altin Dumani is the main leader of SPAK which operates on the basis of the laws and the reform that the gentleman voted for and contributed to. So, why does he love Artin Duman, why does he threaten him?

- This harsh and strong language of Mr. Meta towards Duman where he called him irresponsible, delinquent and a person without integrity?

Why are these not threats to call SPAK a torollak or the slander that Altin Dumani has met with McGonigal, is pure slander.

-Should the head of SPAK react to answer you directly to a political party leader?

The president of SPAK should only react with legal means, this kind of clarifying reaction does not have much value. They are direct threats and insults made to the criminal prosecution body. Besides paranoia, it is an old disease of Ilir Meta, he was born with such a disease. He also had good qualities as a politician and statesman and now he will attract attention with these statements.

- Why has Ilir Meta started with these statements now?

This means that he is afraid, the first reason is that he will attract attention with these statements and the second is part of the fear that he has. He once made these attacks against Sali Berisha, even more harshly. This man has no political future. The problem is that he will remain in politics or other work, I don't know what to do. Meta has finished capturing the highest positions of the state, what is he trying for now.

- Endrit Brahimllari has resigned after the clashes with Ilir Meta, it seems that the situation in PL is not so red nor pink?

It will come out in the statement and Elona Guri will say that Meta, an associate of his vaults, expelled her from the party, the day after tomorrow, other associates of Iliri will leave. Outcasts, paranoia and doubt have continued to be part of him. He viewed not only his colleagues but also his friends with suspicion, he also suspected Monika. This is the end of him, no matter what he shouts, he has lost his mind, he is a fool like Sali Berisha.

- Is Ilir Meta demanding that Monika Kryemadhi be out of the PL party citing nepotism?

Monika Kryemadhi in the political history of her life is much more activist than Ilir Meta, especially in the structures of FRESSH, engaged before Meta. He walked along the road for a while and took it and put it on the wheel because the task did not allow it. I don't believe that without Monika's knowledge, she was not aware that they were handing over the mandates.

-Meta këtë gjë në çdo dalje të tij ka mohuar kategorikisht kundër dhe këtë gjë nuk ia ka falur zonjës Kryemadhi dhe të tjerëve...

Këto janë përralla, thjesht është bërë një marrëveshje me njëri-tjetrin.

-Pse Meta në kohën kur ishte President këmbëngulte që të shtyheshin zgjedhjet e 30 qershorit që të mos kishte përplasje e t’i çonte me 13 tetor zgjedhjet, kishte disa iniciativa nga ana e tij?

Sepse nuk mori rezultatin që donte, nuhati se nuk ishte Monika të drejtonte atë forcë politike

-Pse u kujtua sot pas kaq kohësh dhe që e ka drejtimin vetë për nepotizmin? Aty ka qenë nepotizmi se dhe më parë prania e Kryemadhit ka qenë evidente në LSI?

Teza e nepotizmit politik është e papranueshme. Nuk ka nepotizëm politik, mund të ketë nepotizëm administrativ në drejtimin shtetëror.

-Pse tani Ilir Meta po kujtohet për nepotizmin kur prej vitesh ka drejtuar me Monikën partinë politike, ku do të dalë? Se ka një vit elektoral përpara, sepse ka zëra që flasin për çështjen në SPAK?

Ilir Meta do të mbetet sërish në politik, kjo është arsyeja. Dinë veç të kthejnë partinë politike në vegla pune për vete. Çdo gjë është bërë me marrëveshje mes tyre, Meta të rri në politikë dhe Monika të largohet. Koncepti nepotizëm brenda partisë politike nuk ekziston, sot jemi burrë dhe grua e nesër ndahemi.

-Me këtë lëvizje të fundit po shihni ndarjen politike të Ilir Metës dhe Monika Kryemadhit brenda PL-së?

Ndarje rolesh, jo ndarje politike. Janë ndarë rolet që t’i do largohesh e do vazhdojë unë të drejtoj në politikë.

-A ka të drejtë Ilir Meta kur flet për tradhtarë në PL, ku thotë që ka përzënë gardistin si president që i takonte me të drejtë të ligjit që të kishte në vitet pasuese të funksionit të tij si drejtues numër një i shtetit shqiptarë, për laraskën ka përmendur, për tradhtarë brenda Partisë së Lirisë?

Janë pjesë e paranojës së tij, sëmundjes psikologjike që e mbërthen dhe nuk e kupton as se çfarë po vepron. Këtë tipar e ka pasur të vazhdueshëm.

-Si e shihni vazhdimësinë e PL-së e këtë aksion të ri që po bën kryetari me largimin e Brahimllarit apo mund të ketë dhe dëbime të tjera të cilat i quan Meta?

U shoftë partia e Ilir Metës! Kam kontribuar në LSI, por nëse themi se PL ka vazhdimësi do duhet të përmbysim programin e partisë, pasi LSI-ja ishte komplet e majtë dhe më shumë se e majtë. Ky ecën ça t’i dalë përpara, djathtas përkrahë Berishës, të cilin e paraqit si idhullin e tij politik. Nuk ka më të ardhme për formacion e ri të politik të djathtë që do të çojë Ilir Meta nga fitorja në fitore. Këto janë broçkullat e tij, megjithatë populli të vlerëson.

-Duke qenë se janë ndezur motorët e vitit të para elektoral, sa të afërt i shihni Metën dhe Berishën në 2025, për të bashkëpunuar akoma?

‘Dashuri në kohërat e kolerës’, siç thotë Markes. Le të bashkëpunojnë, është qarje e Edi Ramës. Nuk e votojnë më populli as partinë e Ilir Metës e as të Sali Berishës. I ka mbetur fusha e lirë Edi Ramës, jo plotësisht në mënyrë të merituar.

-How do you see this physical activation that Mr. Meta does, the training in the gym, the messages he conveys behind these movements?

The message is that Ilir Meta is part of his mental crisis. Only a fool can ride there, have you seen any president ride on top of cypress and plum trees and scaffolding. It's a shame. Just to attract attention. With these actions, he shows his mental crisis.

- Can these actions be read as a kind of preparation or training to show that we are ready for the next elections?

Why will he do the elections on top of the pillars? These actions do not show normal.

- The unsubmitted mandate of Olta Xhaçka from the majority to the Constitutionalist, should this mandate go or not, did the socialist have a conflict of interest in relation to the strategic investor, her husband? How did you see the vote in Parliament?

The decisions of the Constitutional Court are indisputable, good or bad, beneficial or not. If there is a conflict of interest, we must know why Minister Xhaçka is being ousted. My vote would be for the Constitutional Court to go and try it.

- Was this a political decision of the group?

All decisions of the Parliamentary Groups are political.

- Has the majority thus challenged the Constitutional Court by not sending it if it would have been something not to hide or not to be in accordance with the law? Should the majority send it to the Constitutional Court to give an answer to the opposition?

These are the strong positions held by Rama, but the Constitutional Court.

Interviewed by: Rigels Seliman


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