Frrok Çupi reveals the dark plan that Meta and Berisha hatched the night before the murders in "January 21": Here are the secrets of Aleks Nika's execution that could pave the way for SPAK to reveal dozens of victims who have "got rid of" the two bosse...

Frrok Çupi reveals the dark plan that Meta and Berisha hatched the night

Evi Kokalari tells Ilir Meta's "coup" for Sali Berisha, the former president brings his cousin into the game, who is the politician who is trying to put him at the head of the opposition and the position that the chairman of the Party of FREEDOM

Evi Kokalari tells Ilir Meta's "coup" for Sali Berisha, the

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Here is the reversal that Rama is expected to make with the political leaders of

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Other details about the increase in pensions are revealed, it is revealed how

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Artur Meçollari discloses the hard details: This is how SPAK has been

The arms industry is a big fraud, all the factories have been destroyed in Albania, Nasip Naço bluffs Niko Pelesh and exposes the scandals of the Ministry of Defense, how the ammunition factories ended up for scrap   

The arms industry is a big fraud, all the factories have been destroyed in

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Kreshnik Spahiu: I show you the orders that Rama and Zelensky received from NATO, the summit for Ukraine was not an advertisement for the prime minister, here is the American plan that is being woven in complete secrecy for Albania

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Here are the dark secrets that "Foltorja" hides, Evi Kokalari broke the scandals of Shkëlzen, Ilir Meta, Albana Vokshi, Flamur Noka, Edi Paloka and Abi Malltez: How Sali Berisha's people have threatened me, I tell you all their dirty deals

Here are the dark secrets that "Foltorja" hides, Evi Kokalari broke

The Albanian-American activist, Evi Kokalari, has returned to her accusations against former Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the latter's collaborators within the "Foltor". Although in the beginning they were good friends, the relations between Berisha and Kokalari have been broken, and the break is so great that the activist reveals that she has been threatened by Berisha's people, while she has made strong accusations against the leadership of "Re-establishment". Through a status on social networks, Mrs. Kokalari shows all their dirty shopping.

Here is the full reaction of Evi Kokalari:

The meeting with Berisha

It is not only Carlo Bollino who was lynched by the militants. Sali Berisha did this to me first, only when I came out publicly. Do not confuse this with the opposite, at the beginning of January I simply went out alone, with the possibility of cooperation in the future. To distance yourself from a political movement as complex as Berisha has built himself is a matter of dignity and integrity, and I will explain it in a little more detail. The last time I met Berisha was in November 2022. I did not intervene much in the primaries for the Municipality of Tirana, because as I have explained to some privately, at that time I wanted to prove that they had planned Kellici as a candidate against Veliaj who in the assembly of 2022. So, to some extent what I had smelled, I am confirming that it was correct. We all know now that Berisha personally asked Alihmemet to leave the game and leave Kellici as the winner. At that moment I knew that Veliaj was the winner, but I still couldn't pinpoint the reason and what the bargain was. In that meeting, I told Berisha that I have decided to return to politics in Albania and he did not object, he even said very well. I also explained to him that I was complete with the idea that he should break the coalition with Meta, and guarantee competitions and meritocracy within the party. I even told him that I personally would never have entered a DP race if he did not guarantee the purity of the race. In the end, I asked him not to make Albana Vokshin vice-president, as I had indications that would happen, and this made Berishen nervous, which means I was right. It was of little importance to me, but I made it clear that Vokshi has not won any competition, neither in DP nor abroad, and he had manipulated all the competitions. While Berisha explained Vokshi's "values", I told him that these skills qualify Vokshi as his personal assistant and not as vice-president of a party that still needs to open up and be re-founded on strong principles. I also explained that I knew the result of the Municipal primaries before the race started, thus making it clear that I was aware of the game they were playing.

Manipulations for the head of FRPD

Of course, the only friend for me was when Berisha himself received Besart Xhafer in the office and congratulated him, while the other candidates had presented their facts of manipulations, which of course with the biggest haughty Flamur Noka, Grigels Muçollari and others they threw them in the trash can. That was the moment I realized Berisha was aware of everything, and clearly the text he sent to the heads of the branches to stay out of the FRPD race, was simply an open and shameless hypocrisy. From that day on, nothing surprised me anymore. After this meeting and after the discussion of other details, it seemed clear that as an outsider and not part of the DP or the Presidency, I could not influence him with Berisha to maintain the line that we had offered in the pulpit. He himself had no intention of calling the Assembly, which is the only way to be part of the council or the presidency.

Dalja nga rreshti i Berishës

Si e tille vendosa te dale veç dhe perpara se te postoja dicka publikisht, e fola serish me te privatisht. Postimi im i Janarit 2023, ku hodha idene e mundesise se daljes vec, ishte me teper nje prove per te pare reagimin e opinion e shume demokrateve, cfare mendonin. Duhej apo s’duhej nje force e re realisht konservatore? Reagimet ishin positive, dhe kjo duket se e shqetesoi Berishes dhe klanin e tij. Deri atehere, ata kishin duruar daljet e mia publike kunder manipulimeve, po ata e kuptonin qe dalja ime vec mund t’i merrte mbeshtetjen organike te demokrateve qe ndryshe do kishin heshtur ndaj Sali Berishes po mos t’i dilja une ne krahe.


Ketu filloi dhe nje fushate denigruese, me mesazhe ne grupe te demokrateve ku ndaloheshin te reagonin ndaj postimeve te mia, apo te me flisnin publikisht dhe privatisht me mua. Te vetmit qe u lejuan ishin ata qe hodhen balte, ofendime nga me vulgaret, kercenime nga me te ndryshme, duke kulmuar tek kercenimi me jete nga persona te afert te Berishes, te bera ne prezence te pese dëshmitareve. Ky kercenim ishte nje pergjigje direkte kur shpreha faktin qe Sali Berisha mund te ishte idhulli i tyre, por jo i imi. Nuk di ku mund te kene gabuar militantet ne kete pike, sepse dhe pse e kam mbrojtur Berishen gjithe kohen publikisht, kur nuk kam thene qe eshte ‘legjend’ apo ‘idhull’ per mua. Idhujt e mi jane Benjamin Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Ronald Reagan dhe ketu nuk fus dot as Donald Trump qe e kam mbeshtetur me gjithe shpirt. Sigurisht qe Berisha ishte larg ketyre modeleve per ta konsideruar si legjende apo idhull. Berishen e kisha konsideruar nje burre shteti qe besoja qe kishte kapacitetin te hiqte Lulzim Bashen dhe te ngrente nje opozite te forte per te hequr Edi Ramen dhe kukullat e George Sorosit. Zhgënjimi ishte përtej çdo imagjinate. Sidoqoftë, lincimi ndaj meje dhe sidomos mbas kurrizit, me vertetoi cdo gje qe me ishte thene privatisht per Berishen dhe klanin e tij. Nuk ka asnje sinqeritet apo mirenjohje nga keta njerez. Ndaj meje jane lincuar individ qe klani e kishte mundesine ti ndalonte, por me vetedije te plote refuzuan. Lincimet ndaj meje u bene nga militante qe qartazi i perkasin nje niveli shume te ulet intelekti, por ky eshte grupi qe klani me ne krye zonjen Vokshi dine ta drejtojne me se miri. A mendoni se intelektualet ju rrine akoma ketyre prane? JO!


Nje figure qe me ka bere pershtypje ishte Osman Mula, i cili si anetare i keshillit kombetar, sillte dicka ndryshe ne PD. Por dhe atij duket se i kishte ardhur ne maje te hundes kur nje kllaun si Edi Paloka i hiqte fjalen ne nje seance qe Mula po shprehte shqetesime te arsyeshme se si po shkonin gjerat. Nje personazh tjeter ishte Mal Berisha qe keta e mbajne per intelektual, por dhe ky u lincua me akuzat se une isha kali i Trojes. Te gjithe e dine qe Mal Berisha eshte i afert me Berishen, dhe kur ai flet, njerezit supozojne qe Berisha i ka dhene driten jeshile per ta bere kete. Ne fakt Mal Berisha me ka takuar dhe ne NY dhe e di mire qe une nuk mund te isha kal Troje, te pakten duke ditur cfare po beja realisht per te ndihmuar opoziten. Prandaj lincimi i tij ishte i paramenduar mire.

Përfshirja e dhëndrit të Berishës

Kishte raste qe shikoja Abi Malltezin qe i bente ‘likes’ postimeve te njerezve me te cilet kisha hyre ne debat publik. Reagime te tilla pikerisht nga dhendri jepnin driten jeshile qe te gjithe duhej te me dilnin kunder. Nuk mund te numeroje mesazhet me fjalor super vulgar qe kam marre nga shume njerez dhe kusherinj te Berishes, privatisht dhe publikisht, aq sa u detyrova te hiqja njerez nga listat e miqve dhe ti bllokoja ne telefon qe mos ti lexoja me. Nje pjese e madhe dhe pse nuk sulmonin publikisht dhe me jepni te drejte privatisht, akoma kane frike te reagojne ndaj postimeve te mia, a thua se une jam armiku dhe njeriu i pabese ne kete mes. Dhe pse e gjithe kjo? Sepse fola hapur qe nuk isha dakort ku po shkonte rithemelimit, sepse pash qarte dhe e ekspozova se si ne te gjithe po perdoreshim per pazaret e Shkelzenin dhe mbrojtjes ligjore te Berishes. Ne fakt pabesija ishte e atyre qe ma shiten daljen e Berishës ne foltore si kosher. Ne thelb ky ishte nje pisllik ne kurriz te demokrateve dhe shqiptareve. Sigurisht qe une do dilja vec. Takimin e fundit Berisha ma beri te qarte qe cfare kisha kuptuar deri ne ate moment ishte e sakte dhe kjo ishte menyre se si do te vazhdohej. Kete e beri te qarte me insistimin e koalicionit me Meten dhe injorimin e fakteve per garen e primareve per bashki. Dhe kjo ishte arsyeja qe Berisha donte te me linte si bashkepunore te jashtme te PD-se, sepse qartazi ato qe kerkoja une, nuk ishin aspak ne perputhje me skenarin e tyre dhe ndoshta nuk me donin neper kembe.

Përplasja me besniken e Berishës

Me vone Berisha doli akoma me hapur kundër meje ku pa piken e turpit justifikoi Adriana Kalane, gjyqtaren e PD se rithemelimit, per fallcifikimin e fotos time me Erion Veliajn. Justifikimi me banal qe dha ishte se duhet mbrojtur liria e fjales. Cila liri? Fallcifikimi nuk eshte liri fjale, por eshte nje akt qe zakonisht denohet me ligj. Por ky ishte nje sinjal qe ai dha shume te tjereve qe ishte okay te beheshin lincime te ketij niveli ndaj meje. Kur une kam thene se u ula me Lulzim Bashen per kafe, filluan nje lincim te nje niveli tjetri, nepermjet veglave te tyre qe kane qene pjese e krimit dhe korrupsionit te Berishes – Ylli Rakipi!!! Ai ishte nje lincim publik me ofendime qe vazhduan mbi 20 minuta ne live TV dhe pse me shume edukate i kerkova tre here te ndryshonin metoden e komunikimit, derisa me detyruan te lija studion. Ate pergjigje qe Ylli Rakipi morri ate dite vlen dhe per Sali Berishen dhe klanin e tij, sepse ne fund te fundit, integriteti im ngelet i paprekur. Mbas cfare kam pare keto dy vite, Lulzim Basha eshte lule perpara klanit te Berishes, dhe keto lincime dhe nxitje urrejtje ndaj te tjereve eshte menyra sesi keta kane funksionuar gjithnje – demokratet e rithemelimit akoma urrejne ne vdekje ata qe mbeshtesin Bashen, a thua se nuk eshte e drejta e tyre te bejne c’te duan.

Takimi me Bashën

Takimi im me Bashen nuk ishte fare koalicion dhe po qe se kisha dicka per te fshehur, nuk kisha pse ta beja vete publike. Tentativa ime me Bashen ishte per te pare mundesine e hapjes se nje dere dhe mundesine e bashkimit te bazes. Por kjo sigurisht nuk i intereson Berishes dhe koalicioni me Ilir Meten, eshte shume me beneficial per PD e rithemelimit. Mbas dy vjetesh kam pare dhe kuptuar shume dhe jam ne gjendje te analizoj vete se kush eshte Berisha, Basha dhe te gjithe demokratet. Fatkeqesia me e madhe eshte se kam arritur ne konkluzionin qe Sali Berisha dhe Ilir Meta kane qene elementet kyc qe ndertuan nje sistem politik te mbrapshte ne Shqiperi, qe kontrollin ja jepte asaj te ciles une i referohem ‘kupola’, e cila mbron paturperisht korrupsionin e secilit prej tyre. Ata qe kane afer, o kane qene pjese e korrupsionit te meparshem, ose si te babzitur presin per nje kocke.

Futja në politikë e Lapajat dhe Çepanit

Lynchings against those who speak the truth are 'by design'. You don't need anyone with integrity around you - even the rise of figures like Lapaj and Edlira Cepani clearly show their hypocrisy. Berisha will continue to divide this people, because that's the only way I know how to survive, but just like Bollino, with whom I have nothing to do, any future lynching against me, I will now blame directly on him - Berisha and his family. put in here the children, the son-in-law and those who care about him 24/7. I didn't do anything wrong. I have not been disloyal because every step I have taken has been public and not based on bargaining as most people in this country are used to. I remain pure ice in the bog that has been stinking for 33 years. Tomorrow I can seriously sit down with Basha or those whom you have publicly called enemies of PD, but the only army here remains you, who took democracy hostage in 1991 and exploited the naivety and sincerity of this people, which was stolen for 33 years. other former owners and you have left the Albanians in total poverty. So, consider yourself warned - the lynchings against me from today on, I will not let them pass. You will receive strong responses publicly, especially those who have been the key to these launches. This is the degradation you deserve publicly. And you will get it!

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