Finally good news from Infectious! Drastic reduction of people affected by COVID, more cured than infected in the last 24 hours

Finally good news from Infectious! Drastic reduction of people affected by

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You do not have that much money for my vote mor boss!

You do not have that much money for my vote mor boss!

A sad but true reality is already the attack on suburban areas, suburban and folklore areas by entities that have money, to buy votes, or collect biometric cards and passports. In the center of Tirana they do not feel this, neither in the center of Shkodra nor in the urban urban centers and strong in the ethical and moral obligation to vote according to their opinion or will. But the Albania of the majority is not like that. I was present in the dialogue that a tribal chief (large family) was imposed on him by a vote realtor who works and has worked for occult and stinking powers of money and political intrigue. He told her that he could pay 10,000 new lekë for his family and each voting member on April 22-23. He told her that he believed in him as a man of his word and told him that the people of the political entity respected both his tribe and his work. The answer was lapidary. Listen do not boss. You and those who sent you have not had enough money to buy my vote. Why or man told the party envoy and the man accustomed to buy votes in the villages and suburbs. No you do not, because my vote makes 5000 euros. If you want my vote, you have to pay 25,000 euros, because we are 5 people in my close family. He bravely agreed with the party representative and the vote-buying politician in Shkodra. That's how many votes I make, that's how I sell my vote. You have to pay a one year salary which is around 5000 euros in my opinion. But you do not have enough money to buy my votes, you want to have a lunch with 10,000 lek and then have fun. No mor boss, you do not have that much money and "do not sell fart in vain". History took the village, who was then making calculations with 5000 euros for each voter and since it is a large suburban village near Shkodra with about 2800 voters present, that brave man of the party needed 2800 x 5000 which makes a full 14,000,000 euros, which does not has not even won the tenders it has received from the government. Gas and great joy and great laughter, and someone says to the voter resistance that - you took the risk or man, because maybe we could ask for 200 euros per head, this basin that "opens ass" and who knows and .. Nay, they are preparing to receive card money and this is sure to happen in areas where governments and entities do not want voters. There are great characteristics of electoral folklore in the north and especially in suburban areas that are already in the center of Albania. Less to the south except for the fact that there are also folklore unstable areas, where not so much money can penetrate, but seductive affair. The phenomenon of vote payment is a criminal cynicism of wealth introduced into politics by trafficking and drugs. Supported by the police, which is in areas at their service, and traffickers working in synthesis with each other, to have peace of mind in the work of trafficking and their distribution of hashish and green plant without fear and without problems on the streets certain where no one bothers them. And this moment is also the electoral temptation that an idiot led him to offer 10,000 new lek in an area where they know exactly how much a vote really costs, because otherwise they do not need that 10,000 stinky electoral, in the face of the ability to become a dirty majority with such money, but at least they have so much money, that they are not sold cheap. This is the moment of a large folklore to have extra payments. They know that nothing changes their lives. They know that no one keeps their word and does not pave the way for them and does not bring them water or does not create urbanity for them and therefore they agree to take that money and then not to talk anymore. But the day has come for votes not to be sold so cheaply. Not so cheap and so offensive. To be sold to the party's clown realtors, who link him to the drug trafficking individual, or to other traffickers or dirty tenders in the various local, central governments. To buy a village for 5000 euros ... But in fact ideal and why in humor and sarcasm typical Shkodra was that: you mor boss do not have enough money to buy my vote. The person in question has never sold the vote. In fact he has always voted family with principles and ideals, but the party traffickers and arrogants who buy or impose a vote price, not only have to break their noses by not accepting, but also by being told that they are not rich enough to buy the vote of even a citizen who has it expensive. .. Arrogant people who remember that the prices of votes are set by them. That make the rich by winning drugs and trafficking as well as power tenders their friend. That pretend they can make any resident a potentially cheap sell. That make the strong with the weak and run with the tail in the saddle in front of people who have principles and who are not sold and bought so easily. That open as if they have purchasing power and then reduce the bargains on the use of poverty that power allows to make exactly the buying of votes in suburban and suburban areas. Of course there will be vote buying and seduction. Of course they will do that they are used to. But they will also have registrations, there will be oppositions and there will be confrontations between people who have not only come to the tip of their noses from politics and power, but also from the arrogant vote traffic. Yes of course there will be. And for many of them there will be an answer: you do not have enough money to buy my vote, mor boooss.