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The decision of the Home Office to declare Sali Berisha "non-grata"

Opinion / Editorial

We lack a functional state...

We lack a functional state...

Written exactly seven years ago on 18.05.2017, one day after the face-to-
face meeting between Rama and Basha on 17.05.2017, perhaps even as an accurate prediction of what was to come next...
By giving 1,000,000 votes to Rilindja/SP, did WE build a functional State after the elections of 23.06.2013…..
THE STATE is a multi-planned and multi-functional organism, which provides its citizens first, the security of life, secondly, it provides them with equal development opportunities, thirdly, it increases their desire to contribute to the good functioning of fourthly, it provides them with the possibility of nutrition, education, health care, employment and prosperity in the entire geographical area of ??this country, etc...
WORK is an essential right for any citizen of a country, the source of ensuring the means of livelihood for him, the opportunity to support his family and educate his children, the means to express his contribution to the development and prosperity not only personal, but also social....
FRIENDSHIP is the ultimate expression of individual and family benefit provided through the work and contribution of the individual, which ensures economic-social stability and opens development perspectives not only on the individual, family level but also on the social level....
The "SHPM" is a well-thought-out trinomial in terms of and for the electoral effect by the revivalists, who will now co-govern with the "creator and defender" of the New Republic for 90 days, and it will be without any guesses a very good one. -propagandized by them until the voting day on June 25, 2017…..”Through compromises there are always two losers, through a fair fight only one” (Henry Vaughan)…..In
its practical essence, such a trinomial is not so convincing in relation to the functionality of the State, starting simply from the facts of the performance of the four years 2013-2017, of the Rilinda government, and not only them (Majority SP + LSI)...
A FUNCTIONAL STATE starts its work with Approving and immediately implementing the Chief Reform, that of the Justice Reform, and then deals with other reforms, which are no more essential than it, and does not transform this Reform into a market commodity for last-minute compromises end with the "Chadrists of Freedom"....
A functional State makes it impossible for elements with a criminal past to be present in the hall of the Parliament.
A functional State that at the top of the claim to be such, "clears the playing field" by putting all those who instigated the destruction of the assets of this country, as well as all those who were enriched by abusing the state function these 26 years of the "Demon-cratic" transition, to then remove the desire and the opportunity for his employees to become part of this galloping corruption and theft.
A good functional State controls after its installation, the continuation of the use of above and underground assets, and does not leave even the smallest space to individuals or companies to misuse them.
A functional State excludes CANNABISATION in the country, even though it is painful for us to accept this phenomenon, because for genuine financial reasons, it fills with this profitable and fragrant product, the pit of debts that were left as a gift to the predecessors, Majority PD + LSI , despite the fact that at the same time it fills "his own pockets and the pockets of his court servants, which by chance are always pierced".
A functional State of a left-wing Majority does not favor the oligarchs, on the contrary it taxes them in a real progressive manner, in proportion to the wealth they have, flattening the wealth gap in Albania as much as possible and smoothing the big differences social, created by abusive benefits in these 26 years of "demon-cratic" tollovites.
A functional State increases the level of security for our lives and takes all measures to reduce the crime rate.
A functional State ensures the proper functioning of a Justice System and the punishment of crime, putting all its citizens in equal positions before the law.
A functional State does not undermine Public Health through endless Concessions in this sector, for the benefit of private Companies within its circle of interests within the PPP (Public Private Partnership), which has them very close to its heart. Concessioning is the easiest way of removing the responsibilities in the good management of a sector, but the most serious for the financial costs of the products it offers.
A functional State removes from its governing program unrealizable dogmas such as "Free Health", something inconceivable even for countries where the GNP/GDP allocated to this sector varies between 10.5% - 14% of it, no more in us when this figure has never exceeded the value of 3%.
A functional State prescribes and then implements the standardization of food products, not allowing for a single moment the penetration of non-guaranteed and potentially dangerous products into the market.
A functional State does not try to equate "waste/green waste" with wheat, coffee or sugar.
A functional State makes it clear to each of its citizens that in addition to mandatory health insurance, they must also insure their home, property or business, because it is they who are primarily responsible for them, and not all of the other taxpayers of this country. who can sympathize with him, but not be obliged to pay for the carelessness of others.
A functional State considers fiscal evasion as "the most serious and legally punishable crime", because AI, as the country's main tax collector and tax manager, should in no way often favor individuals or companies close to it, at the expense of of budget taxpayers or not, to whom even a single penny is counted, which they put in their pockets.
A functional State does not consider government buildings as objects of art, changing their external appearance with decorative neon lights, or transforming their internal walls into "mural canvases", for the very historical, functional and protocol importance they have. carry.
A functional State is not conceived as a scenic environment where people go out and talk several times a day, or as a public gathering where hours are spent sharing the "Shaban/Artan corks" of legalization.
A functional State should not abandon or consider as second-class citizens the former owners of this country, because they were and are among the best individuals of this democratic value system. Their properties should not continue to become market loot for the next Governments, for the benefit of their personal, clan or electoral pragmatist benefits.
A functional State continues as it has already begun to urbanize the peripheral areas next to the centers of our cities, because such a way will bring back to them those who left, it will bring back to them vitality as well as developmental interests.
A functional State has the duty to mobilize and attract the opinions of as many experts as possible in every field of socio-economic activity, and not to limit itself to consultations with some individuals or companies with which they have direct or indirect financial interests, often not at all transparent for us Albanian taxpayers.
A functional State provides jobs for its citizens, and does not force them to apply in about 200,000 eyes every year to immigrate to the USA, or about 110,000 more to try to immigrate in a year to Germany, to enable themselves and their families their survival.
A functional State ensures annual wage increases, no less than inflation indexation, with the aim of increasing the level of well-being through honest work, so that everyone sees as a priority the possibility of living and being protected in their country.
A functional State puts the best sons and daughters of this country at the head of its work, takes into consideration and values ??the idealistic contributors to its socio-economic-political evolution, because there are quite a few such individuals, both well-educated and professionally good/recognized both inside and outside the country, and not to be at the forefront of work, often "Crystallists", "Vitrinistas", etc., without graduates or those with fake degrees, maybe even worse when you are in charge of jobs, slobs or guys with sweaty mustaches, some of whom also suffer from "functional illiteracy".
A functional State should not, in the name of "Albania of the next generation", deny the contributions and leave in oblivion THOSE/THOSE who put their chests to the difficulties for the democratization of the country, in order to promote in the majority THOSE/THOSE who became "enough" ", the "G99-sha" were buried and then elevated to the Pyramid of Renaissance and its Governance. Historically, "the haka goes to the master", so even the masters should be given the trodden haka.
A functional State must legally sanction the time period for the re-exercise of the mandates of the Deputy, the Minister, the Speaker of the Parliament, the Prime Minister, the President of the country or even the Heads of Administrative, Judicial, Educational, Scientific Institutions, etc., to avoid their moral, ethical and professional degradation in our eyes, as well as to somehow prevent the possibility of being corrupted and increasing the degree of arrogance, which they demonstrate in these 26 years "DEMON-CRACY", a majority of individuals promoted to these political, social and state positions....
It is very, very easy on the one hand to stick out your chest, as the President of the SP and Prime Minister of the country, friend/Mr. Edi Rama often does, and say that: "We are making a STATE", and WE all wish this thing of becoming a State, but it is not at all easy on the other hand to increase the levels of FUNCTIONALITY of this state, and above all to increase the level of good perception and the good faith towards this State in the Albanian electorate, especially that part of the electorate that has not yet been "deleted" in the fold of the Renaissance Party or its Allies of yesterday and today....
The world-renowned English playwright George Bernard Shaw has expressed that: "The intelligible man adapts to the world, the incomprehensible constantly tries to adapt the world to himself." ….
Achieving a Functional State is not as easy as it could be, for example: "interpreting an EKG or performing a hemodynamic procedure" by Dr. Sali Berisha, how easy it could be to "compose on canvas and color a painting" by the Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama, how easy it could be to "lift a barbell in a weightlifting competition" by the newly elected President Ilir Meta or how it could be easy to "draw up a court file" by the President of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha, an area where these four politicians felt at home, before we put them in charge of our affairs, in charge of "the "Albanian...
As a fully-aware citizen of our Albania, and despite the above objections, I continue to desire, work and contribute with great devotion for every second of my life, solely for the good of my country, especially in these troubled times when AI is still reeling in the transition as well as in the hesitation over 26 years, towards which system it will be oriented.
Will ALBANIA finally be able to orient itself:
1- towards a fully Democratic system, or
2- towards a system that claims to be such, but which has little social-political and economic essence compatible with it.
Will my Albania, yours, ours be oriented in the end:
1- towards a society of equal opportunities for all, without deep socio-economic gaps, or
2- towards a society with deep economic differences between the members of her, BECAUSE at the end of the day we have to accept with our mouths full that the good and the bad of Albania includes us all....
TIME, as the most objective judge, will show the validity of the functionality of this trinomial "SHPM", an original electoral product "Made in Rilindja", will exalt it, evaluate it "faintly" or devalue it!!!...
Let's wait , to hope, to continue to contribute to the progress of the country, BUT at the same time to keep our eyes and ears open as much as possible, and NOT SILENCE, at any moment when the country under the new SP + PD Majority will not move to " The Right Direction"….
Quo wadis my Albania!!!