Almost a surprise blow to corrupt officials, the US brings OPTAD specialists and Croatian prosecutors who arrested Sanader to assist SPAK, a "big fish" is expected to be arrested

Almost a surprise blow to corrupt officials, the US brings OPTAD specialists and

Edi Rama is ready to leave the government, he does not accept a fourth mandate, here are the reasons why the prime minister will leave and when he will leave the post

Edi Rama is ready to leave the government, he does not accept a fourth mandate,

Idajet Beqiri reports to SPAK Ulsi Manjen, a prosecutor and two judges, here are the 3 serious criminal offenses they have committed, details from the file are disclosed, how the "terror of the Italians" is being held in prison without the law 

Idajet Beqiri reports to SPAK Ulsi Manjen, a prosecutor and two judges, here are

Ilir Demalia reveals the strategy that Ilir Meta is following to escape from prison arrest and confesses the untold events of February 20, 1991, how Berisha was against the bust of Enver Hoxha, how he left the boulevard that day in a Security car of th...

Ilir Demalia reveals the strategy that Ilir Meta is following to escape from

Ilir Beqaj towards arrest, the investigations for the former Minister of Health have extended to Poland for suspicious money transfers, the investigators put in the "sieves" clientelistic ties, favoritism with various pharmaceutical companies, this is ...

Ilir Beqaj towards arrest, the investigations for the former Minister of Health

The positions of Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi are aggravated, here are the "pearls" that were allegedly found in the cell phone seized from the PL deputy's mother's house, the investigators "flash" visits to various institutions, scanners of their as...

The positions of Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi are aggravated, here are the

Berisha has elbowed those he saw as a danger, some he sent out of the country and others he executed, here are the people he is using to solve his problems with SPAK, Ilir Meta is the famous gold thief, Fatos Mahmutaj white behind the scenes of the "Fo...

Berisha has elbowed those he saw as a danger, some he sent out of the country

The British shock the Albanian rulers, a special group arrives in Tirana for money laundering, the pact between SPAK and NCA is signed, the procedures to hand over the files for the accounts in London begin

The British shock the Albanian rulers, a special group arrives in Tirana for


The sign you should cancel every plan, weekly horoscope December 11-17, 2023, love, finances and health

The sign you should cancel every plan, weekly horoscope December 11-17, 2023,


Dear Aries, this week promises to be a profitable period, especially in the field of work and finance. This is a great opportunity for you to solve pending business issues or find answers to professional questions that have been bothering you for some time. Take advantage of this favorable moment to give a positive twist to your activities.

Beginning of the week: In the first days you will face situations that will require a quick and decisive response. Your ability to make quick decisions will help you a lot. However, avoid acting impulsively; Take time to think before making big moves.

Midweek: This is the ideal time to invest in your personal development. Whether it's improving the skills you already have or starting to explore new fields and careers, make the most of this phase. Your energy and determination will push you beyond your usual limits, opening doors to new opportunities and challenges.

Health: In terms of health, no problems are expected like last week. Your energy is already at its peak, allowing you to face both work and personal commitments with energy and vitality. However, it is important not to overdo it and find the right balance between work and rest.

Love and Relationships: For singles, the week promises to be interesting. You are likely to meet new people who may become important in your romantic life. Meetings and new acquaintances will be the order of the day, offering you exciting opportunities to find love or simply enjoy flirting. For those who are already in a relationship, this period invites you to strengthen existing bonds by sharing quality moments with your partner.


Get ready for a week of challenges and opportunities. Your ability to balance different areas of life will be tested, but with your strength and determination, you will be able to successfully navigate the troubled waters.

Start of the week: The first days of the week are quiet and calm, with little turbulence. It's a great time to recharge your batteries and enjoy moments of peace. Take advantage of it to do what relaxes you and makes you happy, whether you spend time alone or with loved ones.

Midweek: From Wednesday, things start to get busier. Some work issues will arise that will require your immediate attention and active participation. In addition, the family will require your support, especially the children, who may need extra care and attention. Be prepared to balance professional and family demands with patience and wisdom.

Health: For those who have chronic diseases, it is advisable to pay attention to health during this period. Take preventive measures at the beginning of the week to avoid any complications. It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Love and relationships: Time for love and romantic relationships seems to be limited this week. However, the weekend will offer you the opportunity to focus on your love life. Use these moments to cultivate love, whether you're in a relationship or looking for the right one. It's the perfect time to create special memories with your partner or explore new love possibilities.


Dear Gemini, your week will be characterized by a lively and productive energy, which will make you shine in different aspects of your life.

Activities and work: On the professional level, stimulating projects and promising financial prospects await you. Your ability to solve problems and your entrepreneurial nature will be the keys to success this week. Successfully completed tasks will not only increase your self-esteem, but also open up new opportunities and valuable connections.

Finances: No major changes are expected in the financial sector, but there are positive signs that suggest improvement prospects. Maintain a cautious and optimistic approach to your finances.

Love and Relationships: The sphere of love reserves sweet and motivating moments for you. For those who are in a stable relationship, this can be an important step in strengthening the bond and you may even consider making the relationship more formal. For singles, the second half of the week seems to be particularly favorable for new acquaintances and perhaps meetings with someone special.

Health: Your general health seems good, but it is advisable to take care, especially if you are sensitive to climate change. On the weekend, pay attention to your well-being and take preventive measures to avoid any weather-related illnesses.


Dear Cancer, this week presents challenges and opportunities for you. Good emotional control and practical wisdom will be the keys to overcoming obstacles and making the most of favorable opportunities.

Emotions and work: Managing emotions will be key for you this week. By maintaining inner calm and balance, you can turn the coming days into a productive and satisfying period, both in the workplace and in personal relationships. Try not to let yourself be drawn into stressful or conflict situations.

Relationships and feelings: In the emotional sphere, some provocations may arise. Moderation and self-control will be essential to better manage complicated situations. Stay calm and try to respond to challenges with thought and thought.

Finances and security: In the second half of the week, beware of possible scams. Avoid large purchases, risky investments and borrowing money. It is time to be especially careful with finances.

Health: For those born at the end of June, there is a greater tendency to catch cold, so take preventive measures and take care of your health. Cancers born in July should be careful to reduce physical activities that may pose a risk of muscle or ligament damage.

Love: The romantic sphere seems to be more stable. It is a good time to enjoy the tranquility in existing relationships or to cultivate new connections in a calm and unhurried way.


Dear Leo, this week highlights romantic and personal relationships, promising interesting moments and new opportunities in the field of love.

Romance and relationships: This week will see you in the spotlight in the romantic field. Promising suitors may appear, prompting the desire to renew your image. You may feel inspired to change your look, update your wardrobe or explore new hairstyles and designs. However, keep in mind that cosmetic procedures will be more effective after the New Moon.

Physical activity: It is recommended to reduce physical activity until the end of the week. Listen to your body and be careful not to overdo it with physical exertion.

Social life and new acquaintances: Participation in social events will be particularly favorable, bringing many opportunities for romantic encounters. These new contacts may be important in the near future.

Finances: In the financial field, the situation may present some instability. However, don't worry too much, as there are indications that the situation will improve next week. Manage your finances wisely and carefully during this time.

Health: At the weekend you may experience a slight decline in health. It is advisable to plan some time for rest and relaxation. Spending your days in a peaceful and restorative environment will be beneficial for regenerating your energy.


Dear Virgo, this week you are called to focus on planning the future and developing professional strategies, with special attention to health and love life.

Future planning and projects: You will spend a lot of time planning for the future. The plans you have in mind are realistic and promising. It is a favorable period for setting long-term goals and planning the necessary steps to achieve them.

Professional field: In the workplace, your decisiveness and decisiveness will come in handy. Although in the eyes of others you may seem harsh and stubborn, this approach will lead to good results. However, it is important to maintain good communication with colleagues and superiors.

Health: This weekend it is important to pay special attention to health, especially for those with a history of chronic diseases. Take time to rest and take care of your physical well-being.

Romantic life: For singles, love life becomes a priority. You will be active in meetings and communication on social networks, enjoying increased attention. This week can also bring experiences like love at first sight. For those who are in a relationship, it is a good time to strengthen the bond with the partner.

Finances: In financial terms, the week starts positively. You may enjoy unplanned income in the first third of the week, which will give your budget a welcome boost.


Dear Libra, this week you will see a strong commitment in your professional life, focusing mainly on work and business.

Professional focus: You will be completely immersed in work matters, devoting most of your time and energy to this aspect. This intense commitment can leave you little space for other areas of your life.

Romantic life: Love life will be felt at the end of the week. You may encounter tensions with your partner or admirers, who may feel neglected due to your heavy commitment to work. It is important to find a balance and make time for personal relationships as well.

Health and safety: Your health will generally be stable, but it is advisable to take care to prevent injuries. Reduce excessive physical activity, drive carefully and avoid attending crowded public events. Take care of yourself and your safety.

Weekend and family: The weekend will be the ideal time to reconnect with loved ones. Spending quality time with your family will help you relax and recharge your batteries. Additionally, advice from older relatives can be invaluable in resolving outstanding issues.


Dear Scorpios, this week you will be equipped with surprisingly high energy, which you will need to face and effectively solve the challenges you encounter.

Energy and problem solving: With a high energy potential, you will have the ability to quickly overcome problems that arise, finding effective solutions. This energy will allow you to successfully manage professional and personal challenges.

Emotional control and career: A crucial aspect of this week will be the control of emotions, especially aggressive ones. By staying calm and balanced, you will find yourself in an advantageous position. For those who can manage their emotions effectively, ahead is a significant career advancement.

Health and Sunday: Take care of your health, especially on Sunday. You may experience a decline in well-being, so it is advisable to spend the day at home, avoiding travel and social gatherings. Take time to rest and recover.

Finances and wishes: In the financial sector, this week will bring you rewards with unexpected or additional income. This could be the right time to invest or spend to realize those dreams you've had for some time.


Dear Sagittarius, this week promises to be full of pleasant surprises, especially in the area of ??romance and finances.

Romance and new beginnings: For singles, this week offers the opportunity to start new romances. Young seekers will not only be attractive, but also outstanding and developed people. Communicating with these new acquaintances will be enriching, offering you new perspectives on life, problems and solutions.

Professional sphere: In the workplace, Sagittarians working in government, industry or large corporations will have particular success. Make the most of professional opportunities that arise and showcase your leadership and innovation skills.

Health and wellness: Your overall health will be good, but it is important to follow a lifestyle and regimen suitable for your individual needs. Listen to your body and adopt healthy habits to stay fit.

Finances: The financial sector will positively surprise you. Be open to new earning opportunities and manage your resources wisely. This could be a good time to make thoughtful investments or enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Dear Capricorn, this week will see you focus on health and professional matters, with special attention to balancing work and personal well-being.

Health and well-being: Your health will require special attention this week. To stay in shape, you may need to review and adjust your daily routine. Consider improving your diet and increasing your sleep to optimize your physical and mental well-being.

Professional commitment: In the workplace you will have to face challenges that will require more commitment, attention and sometimes even financial resources. Stay focused and determined, as your hard work will pay off.

Career opportunities: The second half of the week may present opportunities for a change in your work environment or the direction of your business. Be open to new opportunities and carefully evaluate your options.

Finances: On the financial front, you may need to cut some fixed expenses and make changes to your budget. Manage your resources wisely and look for ways to optimize your spending.

Love life: For Capricorns born in the last days of December, there will be new stimuli in the romantic sphere. This could be the right time to revive your love life or start a new relationship.


Dear Aquarians, this week will be characterized by lively social activity, enriched by stimulating exchanges of ideas and opinions.

Social communications and meetings: You will find yourself involved in many social interactions, meetings and discussions. This exchange of ideas will not only be intriguing, but may also inspire you for new ideas and projects to implement in the near future.

Work environment and travel: Work will be enlivened by travel and business trips, giving you the opportunity to interact with a variety of people. These experiences will enrich your professional and personal vision.

Health and well-being: Your general health will be good, but it is important to pay special attention to the health of the spine, especially the cervical region. Take preventive measures and practice exercises that can strengthen and support this area of ??the body.

Relationships and love life: In love, existing relationships may be a little on the sidelines due to your intense social involvement. However, it is important not to neglect your partner and try to maintain a balance. Towards the end of the week, you may feel drawn to a new admirer, especially if this person has a strong intellect, something that particularly fascinates you.


Dear Pisces, the week starts with good news in the financial and material fields, but requires attention in various areas, from health to personal relationships.

Finances and purchases: The week starts positively in terms of finances and purchases, especially in the real estate sector. It is also a good time to deal with inheritance, insurance and alimony issues.

Health and well-being: Health may not be very stable, especially in the second half of the week. Be alert to the risk of viral infections and take preventive measures. It is recommended to avoid alcohol, cheese and canned foods, choosing light and freshly prepared foods instead.

Diet and nutrition: To maintain good health, pay attention to your diet. Eat fresh and light foods, avoiding foods that can worsen your health.

Relationships and love life: The romantic sphere can go through a delicate moment during the weekend, with possible tensions caused by the partner's unpleasant actions or behavior. An open and honest conversation can be the key to resolving misunderstandings and restoring harmony to the relationship.