How Meta-Kryemadhi became millionaires during 30 years in politics, here are the untold stories of the couple who married in power and divorced in opposition, from the luxurious villa with 11 toilets, the palm trees that were brought by helicopter, the...

How Meta-Kryemadhi became millionaires during 30 years in politics, here are the

SPAK issues 19 arrest warrants for Tirana's incinerator, the list includes high-ranking officials, politicians, media leaders and their families, the details of the big operation are disclosed

SPAK issues 19 arrest warrants for Tirana's incinerator, the list includes

Does the UDB agency connect Sali Berisha and Baton Haxhiu, this is how the former prime minister defended the analyst for the villa in Golem who is being investigated by SPAK and "swallowed" all the slanderous accusations that they have exchanged with ...

Does the UDB agency connect Sali Berisha and Baton Haxhiu, this is how the

Sali Berisha did not have a mandate according to the Constitution, the head of the DP makes way for Argita and prepares to crown his daughter on the throne with the July 12 protest, Gaz Bardhi ends up as a "squeezed lemon"

Sali Berisha did not have a mandate according to the Constitution, the head of

The incinerators' money guarantees Arben Ahmetaj's life on the run, here are the transfers of hundreds of thousands of euros by Albanian taxpayers to Swiss offshores, SPAK reveals that the businessman who is helping him in Lugano is accused of money la...

The incinerators' money guarantees Arben Ahmetaj's life on the run,

Belinda Balluku "mountain" with reports to SPAK, here are all the scandals in which the deputy prime minister is involved, from investigations into incinerators, corrupt tenders, contracts, privatizations and up to scandalous firms for giving public lands

Belinda Balluku "mountain" with reports to SPAK, here are all the

Strong developments within SPAK, the prosecutors extend the investigation deadlines for Arben Ahmetaj by 3 months and send summons to the oligarch who is accused of money laundering

Strong developments within SPAK, the prosecutors extend the investigation

Spartak Ngjela reveals the "bombastic" behind-the-scenes: This is why the divorce of Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi cannot save them from the shackles and the strong reason that DASH senior official Richard Nephew avoided meetings in Tirana with the 'R...

Spartak Ngjela reveals the "bombastic" behind-the-scenes: This is why


Ilir Demalia reveals the strong behind-the-scenes: Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha are doing everything to save their property and not punish their family, here is the evidence that Altin Dumani can use to put them behind bars

Ilir Demalia reveals the strong behind-the-scenes: Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha

The well-known Albanian journalist and publicist who has been living in the United States of America for years, Ilir Demalia, has commented on the political situation in the country. During an interview for "", Mr. Demalia revealed the strong behind-the-scenes, while emphasizing that the president of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta and the head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, are doing everything to save their wealth and not punish their family from the investigations of the Special Prosecutor's Office (SPAK) that has started against them. However, despite the efforts of the Meta-Berisha couple, Mr. Demalia discovers evidence that the head of SPAK, Altin Dumani, can use to put them behind bars. Meanwhile, analyst Ilir Demalia says that Sali Berisha reminds him of Enver Hoxha's book "Anglo-American Danger". According to him, Berisha has opened a war against the USA and Britain after they declared her "non-women".

-Mr. Demalia, the British court rejected Sali Berisha's appeal to remove her "non-grata" status, or in other words, prohibit her from entering England, but did you think that status would be removed?

This is ridiculous and requires that it be extended by the media, but Berisha knows very well the accounts with America and Britain. He is acting as Ilir Meta is doing with a different direction to protect himself and their family and they are doing everything so that the property is not lost and the family is not punished. They are all a ridiculous attempt, and it turns them into even more ridiculous things by the media, which pumps and pumps them with news. These politicians in Albania do not have a profile of their own, but they go like sunflowers, they also sell their wives. The lemeria group of PD has been divided into two parts, some in Basha and some in Berisha. That the stamp was returned to Berisha is quite normal because there is a majority, but the stamp of non-woman that the Department of State and the Home Office has put on her face, no one can remove it. And they get up and do all this tallavi. There are 1000 defects both in Albania and in England, why are we the most democratic state, the most rule of law and our institutions work better than in other countries. Berisha remembers Enver Hoxha's Anglo-American danger book, where he opened war on America, Imperialism and now let me write a book, it's funny. How there is no one who advises him and no one who loves him.

- I cannot understand the way of propaganda, since Berisha said that the court in England is corrupt, but as far as I know, the English system is maintained only by the court, since there is no constitution. And on the other hand, Berisha starts saying that the court in England is corrupt, but this goes beyond the show...

Gaz Bardhi said that we have relations with the West, but let Bardhi tell me who is a leader or a state that has supported Berisha in this situation in relation to justice. What happened to France's trial and now to England's, even if he is right, he has become so ridiculous that he has become an object only to be laughed at, since he is no longer worth taking seriously.

- It seems to me that propaganda works, before the trial in England they said that England will soon remove the "non-grata" status from Berisha and now they say that the English judicial system is corrupt.

They lost their minds when they know very well what they have done, they know very well the relationship they have with England even when they said that Argita will come to head the party, when the leader is blocked both with the USA and Great Britain, with whom they will establish relations. They wait and think they have a glimmer of hope that they can come to power, but they are ruined so badly that they cannot come to power alone.

- I think that PD and Sali Berisha are the biggest assets for Edi Rama...

We have absolutely been saying this for 5 years, he is the gogol and the sick one who is holding Edi Rama. It can't, as a man who has logic should think about what Berisha should produce now.

- The passing of the stamp and signature to Sali Berisha and this unity which only works in the Parliament where Alibeaj has said that if PD is with Berisha I say goodbye. What his departure showed as a politician. Do you think that this opposition does not have the numbers to come to power but is aggressive with Berisha, can threaten Rama?

They got the seal because they had a seal, but the seal does not give you confidence in people or victory. They took the seal and did something, they came out there with two fingers, they played the toy tambourines. Do they have any idea how the structures are, do they have any idea how much they have lost with this division and with this group they are in, do they have any idea how they will develop the representation, they have no idea. These people think like the Pasha who received the direct seal of Berisha as prime minister and threw England, America, and all of Europe to the ground and rode Skanderbeg's horse. On the other hand, the SP, not only is in power, but throughout its continuity during these 30 years, it has had a very powerful organization. On the other hand, it is that Berisha asked for this arrest because he thought that the whole of Albania would be burdened for him. SP knows how to act, organize and adapt to the times, while PD, you see the rhetoric they use, you still see the sons of the nobles, who understands them. These insult the communists, but they are blacker than the communists. These make the law and biography today, sons of fathers have no power.

- How do you see Ilir Meta?

Ilir Meta is either playing the role of a madman or has gone mad. One of these two is. And both happen because he knows what they have done. Either I'm going to come off as irresponsible as a mental patient and he's playing this role or he's really gone crazy under the pressure.

-The problem of the mentally ill does not prevent him from confiscating his assets...

The point is that even though it is said Altin Dumani, Dumani, but I cannot do this job alone. Those 20 prosecutors have thousands of files. The problem is that if these will not hit quickly when the materials, the facts are that we all know, you go to Gjiri i Lalzi that they go on vacation here, they have blocked them all now. Saliu lived there and now they have blocked it. Go out to the Hill of the Sun wherever you want since everyone has been blocked. These politicians in Albania want to reveal it, they reveal it and it is quite simple and they cannot hide it.

-Lulzim Basha has said three options: one is that he will appeal the decision of the Appeal for the DP seal...

The Tironians have an expression 'does the dead take away', it is dead in vain that we waste our time. Lulzim Basha has not been able to create his personality. They took him by the hand and gave him all the posts he wanted but he was not able to create. The seal doesn't make you, if you have the power you take everyone forward with or without a seal. Even Berisha does not make the stamp. The idiocy of the Berisha group is that they lost three years in the 'war' for the stamp and now the new elections are coming and one is sitting on top of the balcony, the other says I will appeal and the others say we can't deal with Berisha. But how will this opposition fare in the elections? While Rama has started the campaign, he does the organization, has the numbers and makes daily statistics. People have lost their faith because these politicians have become so ridiculous that no one trusts them anymore even when they are right because they no longer arouse anyone's interest. These politicians are not able to create something new.

- What can Rama invent for the new elections?

He thinks that there will be other punishments in his government because they have made mud even these and mudder has nowhere to go. He will create himself, he is in control of the situation, he has a high level of organization. I think that the number of voters will be very low, it will be below 40%, but the socialists will win again. The DP opposition does not attract the citizen from the ethical and aesthetic point of view, from the manner of behavior.

- The opposition does the other stupid thing of going against SPAK, and not only that, they are also defending Arben Ahmetaj, is he defending himself? They brought out the news that he had left 93 thousand euros in a casino in Cyprus for one hand...

If there is anyone who should be caught by the rags and brought to Tirana, it is him. That he was Deputy. Prime Minister of Albania and if he thinks he is innocent, let him stay. I am not afraid of the man in the world because I know myself as I am. Scared is he who knows what he has done. Even what they do today, where one goes through the rivers and this top of the balcony, they know what they have done and therefore they feel the fear. The problem is that Rama says that we are better than these because we are allowing them to strike within the party.   

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