Finally good news from Infectious! Drastic reduction of people affected by COVID, more cured than infected in the last 24 hours

Finally good news from Infectious! Drastic reduction of people affected by

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To "unite" around the divider, towards "victory" with "professional" losers at the forefront!

To "unite" around the divider, towards "victory" with

This is also the last surprise. To "unite" us "wise" one who has only sown discord and swears to win with a professional loser at the top. The wonders in this country, as they come and increase and to resign after the defeat, now, it is no wonder, even when you lose five battles! This is no longer a feature for our politicians, but it has become fashionable. Mr. Basha wanted "darkness to triumph over light" and he succeeded. Then why resign? The wonder lies in another place. We complained about the wonders for thirty years, but the "lid" on them, was placed in these four months of this year over thirty others. For almost a year, they blew blows and gongs, blazing the "engines" of the parties, emitting black smoke without moving from the country to "bring" to the political scene, "free and fair elections". But who brought the elections "not free and not fair"? They brought those who shouted for "Free and fair elections"! As is their custom, they blame others and professional losers, unite around a "loser" so that the mayor can increase his prestige and not justify it with work. Where do beetles go and gather? The most "won" in the election, the losers are removed. Most upset, are the winners! History in battle recognizes losers and winners. This is natural. In every match, be it a football match, one is a loser and the other is a winner. Our special thing is that the loser is removed more victoriously even from the one who has won, even if he always loses, he gets the "license" of a professional. This is the chairman of the opposition, who claimed to be Prime Minister. This, which even Basha himself does not believe, other party leaders believe in him, gather around him, put him in charge, and swear: "Now begins our battle for victory"! Are these party leaders smart enough to rally around a professional loser to win? This is their job, but the truth is that these mayors have no "soldiers" or members in their parties. Why do these mayors who have only "straw openers" left in their pockets? They do it for everything, only for Albania and for their own parties they do not do it. How can they unite around a schism that has threaded his party that was created in the beginnings of democracy as the party of hope? Aren't these kind of mayors smarter than those who left this party to create other parties and these are not a few, like "Thurja", "Nisma", "Socks", "Obedience", "Disobedience", etc. etc. No, no, those who have left and created other parties as "offspring" of the Dalkauk-led parent party, the Elder and the Younger, are many times smarter than those who join the coalition because they refused to run. by an incompetent. For the sake of truth it must be admitted that those who join the losers do not join only for good… The losers who joined the coalition "for change" join a "Humbamenoje", not to win, but to take advantage of this "rusty" shield! As Mediu said, who has long betrayed the principles and purpose for which the late Godo created, Mediu distorted and criminalized himself. He says: "We will fight for the sacred principles"! Do you hear this "Saint"? Has this party achieved the goal it set for itself from the beginning that the earth should go to its owner? So did Ndokat, Idriz, etc. "Better late than never", say the people and the one who has a mind, like Duke, although late, but he realized that this coalition was a "five with nothing"! After nearly a year, political and media noise gave way to silence when the sovereign would speak. And the day came. The sovereign, spoke and took with him, not what he found before, but took the victors, took those who belonged to him, and went to his work to come again when necessary. The weight of his speech was very big, it was a weight that he shouted loudly: "Enough with a lot of laughter, he said, get to work and a lot of gossip you politicians and you who stand behind them"! But ah this weight of the sovereign that "shook", not to destroy, but shook and "shook" everyone to put their finger on the head, everyone to go through their "positions" and each in his work. But it is not said, it is not even written by God, because otherwise, it would not have given Albania fertile fields and green forests, seas and rivers, "reaches" black and gold minerals without leaving any shortcomings. But, they say that every good has a bad, and further still very good, they also have their bad. The "shock" caused by the "fist" of the people when he said his word was felt even in the deepest recesses, where beetles, reptiles, tortoises, multi-legged animals, mischief mis Society,, Society, there is no good of them who, speak behind the "bushes". These objections are few, but their wonder is that these, even offend the citizens who have stood behind them with cameras and videos as if they have sold and bought votes! The day the people spoke, these beings hid in huts and after the sovereign fled, they fell like spiders and began to "crawl". The more they "crawl", the more it seems to them that they are "trampled" and removed as "winners"! In a joint harvest gathered like "pedestrians" they shout: "The elections were manipulated, they were stolen. An electoral massacre has taken place ”! As they have their "craft", unable to stop progress, they start to "bite" just to not leave others comfortable in their work. There are other countries, but they do not have this feature that some "spirits" have in this country, so that the loser does not accept the loss. Not only that, but the loser speaks after the "battle" more than the winners, as do the hunters after the hunt, but at least these people only brag in those cases when no one has seen them verbally "grab" the animals they have "killed", but then, they run away! And these "winners" of the "Tartar" type saw everyone as "won", national and international. Along with the winning majority, some winners, not all of them, from the opposition camp, are removed even more worried by the "professional" losers because in their "modesty" there is concern for the party, for the "professional" loser "professional" and how to such, they do not want to hear either the voice of reason of some members within them who ask neither more nor less that the loser, to pass into the "reserve" to mature and learn and not to boast only of gel-dyed hair ! It remains to accept what the wise, they put an idiot at the top to pull him by the "nose" and meadow by throwing everything at the mayor, because they know that the mayor, only has his name to cover the incapacity. It has caused a lot of laughter among the toads, when the clock kept repeating "when I become prime minister, you will not see what miracles I will bring you" and other "riddles"! Among other things, he sets a very bad example to others as if there is no other to put at the forefront of the battle. Even more hilarious is that after the deep loss all united around the loser, shout: "Now is the time to unite more than ever Now begins the battle for our victory"! O God! How is it possible for a loser whose only trade is "loss" to call for victory and for others to join him and applaud him? These "wise men" all together, united around a "strategist" who had lost four battles, local and national. What united them all was only one: Let us all unite, blue, variegated, blue, with collars and panties, regardless of religion, race, province, idea even if they wear opings on both left or both sides. right, to remove only one opponent, the long one, and then the "cake" of victory, we will share among us. This was one "alternative" and the other "we will get money with fists"! All as "hasa" and "kasa" are united only by loss. They killed a lot of minds and found the "solution". Even the main opposition supposedly president, removed the forks and rags and returned to "calm and transparency"! Count any invalid votes. The victory of the opposition is "hidden" there! After wandering with his "Rosinanti" to observe in the polling stations and after he did not find anyone to "cut" his arm, as in the Middle Ages he removed the "spacesuit" and found the "thieves" of the votes and the "manipulators" after four days after the election. The "chairman" of the opposition who left his "coffin" for this job did not perform his duty! Five days after election day, the president forgot what he said the next day that "now is the time to do the counting and managing of votes correctly", but when he learned that his party had gone for "scrap" tried to find an excuse. "All invalid ballots are for the opposition and as such they are in its favor." He thought again about how to find another "snail" and found it. "Since 2010, five hundred thousand Albanians have left the country! "Let's say stop, abandonment." This was also an "argument" against the majority as if he had lived in the stratosphere. He wonders day and night how he will find other "yçkla" against the majority. And he found it. "Pensions are among the lowest in the region and Europe and with these pensions, pensioners can not live"! This is another argument, previously "sued" by the head of state! It seems that he did not see the pensions because he only had the mind to do mischief. His mind remained on the uprising of Haxhi Qamil and with the "uprising" he wished for Easter. The media has revealed the facts that the manipulations were done by the SMI and the democrats, and yet they still have a mouth to speak. This is the truth, the others are "Babalism", "Salianjism"! Mr. Basha, there is only one way to become prime minister, so that "the meat is cooked and the porridge is not burned" To cooperate with Rama, to tell him the "secret" where the money he would give to farmers, pensioners, doctors, nurses, professors, etc. is hidden. etc. so that even without being Prime Minister Basha, everyone together will applaud and shout "Long live our Leader, Basha, who thinks of this people." nurses, professors, etc. etc. so that even without being Prime Minister Basha, everyone together will applaud and shout "Long live our Leader, Basha, who thinks of this people." nurses, professors, etc. etc. so that even without being Prime Minister Basha, everyone together will applaud and shout "Long live our Leader, Basha, who thinks of this people."