Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by coronavirus, here are the 3 cities with the highest number of infections

Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by


Bregu sees Teuta for the title, Josa curbs the euphoria of Kukës

Bregu sees Teuta for the title, Josa curbs the euphoria of Kukës

The Superior Category is preparing to hold the matches of the 21st week, which come with surprises on the calendar, because there will be two very important duels for the fates of the season. In Shkodra, Vllaznia will host Tirana, in what is considered the "Classic" of Albanian football, while Partizani, empowered and in good shape, hosts Laçi, two teams with great ambitions this edition. The situation is good in all camps, but the details are expected to make a difference. And it seems the teams are already thinking about the details, as they have done a strong training for the weekend challenges. Teuta of Durrës will host Kukës today, another duel that has weight for the fates of the season. "Boys of the sea" are enthusiastic about achieving the goal, while the coach of Kukes, Mirel Josa, has tried to keep the team away from euphoria, with feet on the ground and with rational claims to the match and its expectations. What is certain is that a defeat would take Kukës out of the seasonal goals eventually, while Teuta wants the victory to be in the title dance.

Bregu sees Teuta for the title

Teuta will seek the fourth victory in a row in the championship, as it will host Kukës tomorrow at home. One of the most important of the Durrës team, Davey Bregu hopes that the match against the Northeast will be fought and in the end they will win. In a statement for "Supersport", the Vlora player emphasizes that Teuta is fully in the race for the title and that the players have confidence in their abilities. "It has been three important victories that we have sought. We developed good games so the results came. We hope to have continuity. Nothing is over, we are in the race for the title, we hope that even with the next stop of Vllaznia we will be on the right track. We have confidence in our abilities, as we have a good team. Kukes also has a strong team and an experienced coach. "I hope it will be a fought match and in the end we will win", he stressed. He then commented on the lack of a goal in the championship with the colors of the Durrës team, during the last weeks. "I do not see any difference between our attack and the attacks of rival teams. This is the opinion of others, I have nothing to add. "I hope that our defense will continue on this path", said Bregu ", Bregu added further.

Josa with "feet on the ground", makes projections of Kukes

Kukes has fluctuations and even taking over from Mirel Josa has not brought major changes in the team. However, now is not the "time" to cry about mistakes but to focus on the next challenge, with Kukës that this Friday will have a very difficult match against Teuta, an opponent that Kukës will face in the quarterfinals of Albanian Cup. At the press conference before this challenge, the Northeast coach praised the boys of the sea, considering Teuta a very strong team. "It is a very difficult match. I no longer differ in this period, as before. There is no certainty, we need a lot of seriousness and we need to improve. Teuta's team is balanced, both the matches outside and those inside has played and got the maximum. There are experienced players and there has not been much movement in the market. The leaders have thought to consolidate it. We come after a match with Partizan, which we played well in some fragments. There were also moments when we punished and could not face Partizan. "My opinion is not to see that match, but the psychological side because here we give up a bit", stressed Josa. Further, the coach spoke about the ambitions of Kukës this edition, mentioning in general terms "middle way", a concept that has to do with rivalry in the championship, the position of teams and objectives. "We should not look for the middle ground because it depends on the level of other teams. We should only seek to improve match after match, it is a group that seeks to improve. We showed that after a good match, we played poorly and then we improved. We will try to raise the level of the team as high as possible tactically and technically. The physical part is what it is and we have nothing to improve. "I am very interested in not repeating the mistakes of one match in the next match or to do less", further underlined Josa.