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Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by


Do you drink water while you are eating? Find out what happens to your body after this action

Do you drink water while you are eating? Find out what happens to your body

Some say it is not healthy to drink water while you are eating, others say that practicing this healthy, while some experts say that water dilutes stomach acidity.

We will show you below whether drinking water during a meal is a good or bad habit.

What about food and water in your stomach?

The digestion process begins exactly when we are thinking about our next meal: saliva is produced in the mouth. When we chew food, we mix it with saliva that contains the enzymes needed for digestion. Then, the softened food is introduced into our stomach where it is mixed with stomach acid. On average, it takes the stomach 4 hours to digest food before turning it into juice, or kym. Kymi goes further into the intestine, where it gives all the nutrients to the body.

Water does not stay in the stomach for a long time. So if you drink while eating, water does not create lakes in your stomach. It passes through the chewed food very quickly, hydrates it and leaves the stomach quickly.

Fluids do not reduce acidity.

Our body is a complicated but very well tuned system. If the stomach "feels" that it can not digest something, it produces more enzymes and increases the acidity of the fluid inside. Even if you drink half a bottle of water, it will not affect the level of acidity. Remember that water enters the stomach even with food. For example, on average, an orange consists of 86% water.

Studies have shown that some foods can lower the acidity levels in our stomach, but it returns to normal very quickly.

Fluids do not affect the speed of digestion.

There are no studies proving that fluid pushes solid food into the gut before it is completely digested. Scientists claim that fluid leaves the body faster than solid food but does not affect the speed of digestion.

So can we drink while eating?

If you drink while eating, you will not do harm. Rather, water helps to soften solid food. But do not drink before swallowing food, there should be enough saliva in the food that contains the necessary enzymes.

There are several benefits to drinking while eating. Research shows that when a person takes short breaks to drink some water, it slows down the eating process. As a result, people eat less, which is good.

If you are used to drinking tea with food instead of water, this is not a bad thing either. Research shows that there is no change in acidity levels after drinking tea or water.

The temperature of the water you drink does not affect the speed of digestion or the number of nutrients you take in. The stomach can heat up or calm the food to the right level.