Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by coronavirus, here are the 3 cities with the highest number of infections

Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by

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Elections, will they take the yoke off our necks ?!

Elections, will they take the yoke off our necks ?!

Three decades from the promise that Albania would become like all of Europe, three whole decades that the hope of Albanians for a better life turned out to be a big bluff and an illusion that left us with a finger in our mouth. We have been for thirty years that the so-called "democracy" and "rule of law", not only were a lie of hyperbolic proportions, but even worse today in our internal environment, such ideas roam and circulate, that life is getting better. But this depends on the point of view of which economic stratum belongs to the individual who makes such statements. The dialectic of the development of events and phenomena in Albania during these thirty years, proved fourfold that the current capitalist system in our country labeled with the keywords "free market economy" resulted in a complete failure. This failure, which is not only related to the restoration of capitalist relations, but also to the relations in production or to the mode of production. The mode of production, first of all, expresses the relations of ownership, that is, whose means of labor and production are; of the worker or someone else? Maybe e.g. a mason with a hammer in his hand and a trowel, is the owner of his tools ... or is all his tools, together with the bricklayer and his slave arm, sold and bought for a considerable sum? ridiculous from the bosses of construction companies or another sector by analogy? Given the characteristic of the socialist system, that the means and tools of production were social and since it was passed to the capitalist economy, consequently the start-up had to be done equally. What actually happened ?! The situation created after the overthrow of popular power and socialist property, proved that precisely in this system, that is, in capitalism, "man for man has been and remains a wolf." The so-called privatizations enabled the former ruling caste of the ALP (its most degenerate offspring and not ordinary communists, or honest people), as well as their hereditary sons, to abduct in 1001 ways as many as possible. 'to be defeated by the wealth of the people, which had an accumulation of almost half a century of labor, toil and material goods of the society of that time. But who got these through dishonest privatizations? In addition to those mentioned above, the other equally black and bandit hand was that of ordinary bandits, who by force and violence by means of forgeries, or and corrupt actions where by bribery and bribery, where by threats to life or direct use of force, they alienated even the former properties of the early owners expropriated by the agrarian reform from the popular power. Being in leading positions in the state, made the rulers both left and right, even starting from the time of R. Alia, Berisha, Nano and the next caravan that would follow later, etc., would create opportunities for themselves and their families, as happened for example the scandal with the cutting of "walnut trees" of Ruli and Hoxha, or the scandal of the sale of oil by Hani Hoti and the lake of Shkodra where Berisha or that of Gërdec's weapons and the dizzying assets of the army are rumored , where Berisha and Mediu reappear to us, using the sarahosh and qejfli spurdhjak as cover, derivative of Vuçidol followed by an American businessman receiving the blessing of the CIA, or with the gold and the herd of 700 thousand Eu of Ilir skraparlliu (he would probably fight like "Allende" with a cane in his hand ... of course for the assets of him and the family party "Meta" converted with the acronyms LSI) for major upheavals, etc. etc. The thirst and greed for profit, stealing in the most spectacular way, especially with rentier companies, not prosecuting the robbers of the people, not only created the concept that you can steal and not be punished, but this would be accompanied by a degree of high corruption, which ranged from the state pyramid to important clerks of departments and municipalities in the districts. Videoaudio recordings of eb / conversations Meta - Priest for leading positions in the country, in exchange for dizzying figures (this way, which Meta used in his promises to become an MP and when he did not go he blackmailed him to the point of death), the conversations broadcast via video interceptions between the trinomial "lawyer-judge-police" are the most indicative clear that our justice system has been the most unjust on the globe. I say with the greatest responsibility, that (with very, very rare exceptions) there was no head of the institution from ministers and deputy ministers, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, secretaries and deputy secretaries, directors of hospitals, chiefs of wards, heads of cadastres and privatizations, urban planning chiefs, police chiefs and directors, rectors and deans, directors of dep. of education, employees of the state bank up to a nurse who pierces your buttocks not to receive money from those with the stamp of the country to foreign currency. (As Rama puts his hand on the Bible and swears that the biggest corruption is in the judges and not in politics. But in addition to the great and galloping corruption, another way of stealing has been and remains the taking of debts from European banks, those for development, or the world one under the guise of the development of the Albanian economy "at a fast pace" for him increase so-called well-being and reduce the level of poverty. This money, after being secured in the form of debt, was allocated to the ministries according to "a perspective development plan". But what was really happening? Interested firms and companies, in the struggle to secure them the right to start work, in exchange for winning the tender, would enter into dirty bargaining by promising the respective% (percentage), which the tender organizers of course received and this percentage would be distributed from the minister to the one who deserved less. In such cases, to understand who took the "lion's share", one does not need a man who has two minds. Some of these companies did the work step by step, the rest, especially the foreign ones, left without leaving a trace like the work of the oil company that left the workers of Ballsh, etc. in the mouth. etc., of which there are dozens of examples, not to mention hundreds. All this big mess that comes and goes, stealing from us, in fact, the composition of the stratification of capitalism in our country has been and remains a part of it, who later established and expanded the roots of capital. It should be noted that with this corruption, the members of the government cabinets themselves did not have and could not have the courage to denounce, because they themselves were immersed in the mud of corruption. Without these thugs and thefts, without these deceptions and threats which reached to the individual and state violence to preserve exactly the privileges of this layer (remember 1997, January 21 and Gerdec) there would be no capitalism. How is it explained why these parties of ours and their figures with the old muzzles, still the most hated for the Albanian people and especially the same individuals, want to even strongly insist on being the next rulers? Your heart cries and your people really hurt !? Hahahahaha. As much as Chameria's pain hurts them, so much it hurts them ... Albanians and Albania! They just want to steal our toil, sweat and blood, because without these there would be no capitalism at all. They owe millions to millions of debts to the point of threatening the freedom of the Homeland without the devil who comes and who leaves! Enver Hoxha's state really did not enjoy the so-called "western alla democracy", or "american alla" (grill pies on meatballs), but no country owed them, even in the bank of the albanian state was inviolable and currency emergency millions and millions of dollars for the most difficult situations that could threaten the Homeland. Who stole them, do you know anything about my people ?! How do you say, those who stole us in '97, should not have stolen those reserves, or the "French" came and stole us in the middle of the night ?! How can it be explained that not only me, but also my son, my nephew as well as our embryos that are still in the "scrotum" and in the ovaries, under the saddles, as soon as they are born, the state gives them 40 thousand ALL? But does that baby still know without thinking, that as soon as it starts the first cry, it is born with a debt of almost 2700 - 3000? This figure means that a family of 4 people owes a debt of about 10 -12.000 Eu, while we have 30 years to choose who will rule us, to decide us, as they decide the oxen of the plow on the neck yoke? And we, the people of Fukaren, being made mullaqs of blood by the host of the Albanian bourgeoisie who always pierces us, when we are not in their furrow, sweats, tears and mouths for our users, we even endure humiliation. Ohhha kazil ... ohaaaa Get rid of the wolf! No, my friend, you are like an old plow ox, as long as you have a choice, you will be there, under it ... you and I are submissive! The elections for you, to cover this work, are nothing but a change of choice, neither more nor less, what to do if we do not understand ... then we have revenge!