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Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by

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To ignore the Constitution, since its "Preamble"!

To ignore the Constitution, since its "Preamble"!

And this is what the socialists are doing, the authors of the drafting of the Constitution of the Republic and the approval with the referendum of 1998. This is not a "cauldron" fabrication, as the Prime Minister wants to articulate from time to time, but a clear statement of the Secretary General of the Socialist Party , Taulant Balla, also supported by the Minister for Diaspora, Pandeli Majko. Two or three days after the political elections in the Republic of Kosovo, the journalists of "Euronews" addressed with microphones and questions to the winner of these elections, the chairman of VV, Mr. Albin Kurti. To the question of the journalist, if he continues to have the unification of Kosovo with Albania in the program, Kurti calmly answered: "If there was a referendum on this problem, I would vote without hesitation". Still without fixing this short answer in the news, the General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, through the microphones of other televisions, he reacted by declaring: “The position of the Socialist Party on this issue remains unchanged. "Albania and Kosovo will join only in the European Union." Two days later, Comrade Taulant would be supported by the Minister for Diaspora, Pandeli Majko, who, in an interview given to TV Euronews Albania, "draws Kurti's attention", not to harass this problem that conflicts with the decisions of internationals. "I think that Mr. Kurti, there is no need to create connections of strange natures with ideas that existed in the last century, I am talking in the '80s and' 90s about the unification of Kosovo with Albania ". The reinforcement that Minister Pandeliu makes to the secretary of his party, already shows us that not only the party, but also the government of the socialists, have thrown in Lana the Preamble of the Constitution, which had been approved with great fanfare in 1998. In the Preamble of the Constitution, six points are listed, which constitute its "marrow". In one of these points, it is said textually: "With the centuries-old aspiration of the Albanian people for identity and national unity". The drafters of the Constitution, including Taulant and Pandeliu, when they made this point, had in mind the centuries-old aspiration of the Albanians, materialized in the gigantic efforts of our renaissance for the unification of the nation, torn apart by the great powers in five different states. This formulation was made in 1998, when the EU was already a consolidated institution and Albanians with their politicians and rulers, had full eight years shouting, "We love Albania as Europe"! Under these conditions, the drafters of the Constitution could very well have written in its Preamble, that "National Unity will happen when we become members of the EU." Based on this fact, there are two ways left for the issue in question: Either the Constitution must be corrected in its "Head", or Taulant and Pandeliu of the Socialists must come out of the "meadow" of "grassless" statements and accept the writings of Constitution, which are not a cover for electoral campaigns, but a current and perspective program of Albanian life in their ancient lands. The issue of National Unity, as everyone knows, has been and remains the main aspiration of the Albanians, at least since the League of Prizren in 1878. After the liberation of Kosovo in 1999, this aspiration was more than ever close to realization. If in those days of victory, there would be a referendum, You can hardly find any Albanian in Albania or Kosovo who did not vote for the unification of Kosovo with Albania. While today after 21 years from that day, unfortunately the percentage obtained from the tests has dropped to the figure of 60-65%. Why this decline in the desire of a unique nation in language, tradition and territory to live in a single state? There are two main reasons for this decline: The secret, but also open activity of the Serbian political agency and the second: The least that can be said, the negligence of our politicians, here and there beyond the artificial Albanian-Albanian border. Part of the false propaganda, which has been instigated by Albania's permanent enemies and "assimilated" by our politicians-rulers, has been and still is the variant that the "National Union", even of Kosovo with Albania, will happen after the entry into BE. To this variant of "union", which Taulanti and Pandeliu declare as the position of their party, I will confront the historical experience: Albanians, twice tried (or rather forced) to integrate into the empires of the time, that Roman and Ottoman. They even reached their centers with posts, up to that of emperor, or vizier, without mentioning military posts. But when these empires fell, they maintained their centers, selling the sides (where the lands of the Albanians were), which became the spoils of the warring parties. Even with the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Albanians ended up in five different states. The consequences of this second fragmentation, we are suffering for a full 143 years (1878 - 2021). Now let us come to today's empire, with the official name "European Union". The EU, despite the white star-studded blue cape, is an emerging empire, which as it has a peak, will also have a downward decline. And this decline will happen much faster than the decline of its past sisters, because today we are in modern times, where change comes in lightning speed. If we will act as the Taulant of the Socialists and his fellow citizens in the Socialist Party tells us, or of other political entities, disfigured by Albanianism, then the cycle of the two previous empires will be repeated with us Albanians. More specifically, when the EU falls and this will happen one day, then Kosovo, or the Albanians in Montenegro and Northern Macedonia, will, intentionally or unintentionally, return to pre-EU state structures. . Or even worse, they will be forced to return to a "third Yugoslavia", as in 1878, and in 1913. That, when the "hut" is demolished, its hosts each grab some material and flee to set up their hut. The amount of "kidnapping" depends on the strength of the host. I do not believe that in the hypothetical case of the collapse of the EU "hut", we Albanians will be the strongest among the guests. On the other hand, Europe is sure to act with the Albanians, as in the case of the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1878.

Surely, any "qualified" reader, or politician converted from a nationalist to a globalist, in addition to theorizing about modern times, will mention to me the impossibility of realizing the National Union before joining the EU, even if it is part of this union, such as the unification of a state of Kosovo with Albania. This difficulty is known and at the moment may prove insurmountable. But we have another opportunity, which would lay a solid foundation for the success of the union when we integrate into the EU. This possibility is: Before we formally integrate into the EU, let us integrate among ourselves. Our nation has lived for centuries divided in many countries and although it has fanatically preserved its language, traditions and settlements in its native lands, in many areas of life it has also created differences. These differences must be eliminated before we go to the EU. We know from history that the League of Prizren was suppressed with violence and blood by the warriors of the Balkans and Europe, at the moment when the "sick of the Bosphorus" was dying. Also, the Declaration of Independence, but still unconsolidated in 1912, after a year was halved in the territory, precisely from Europe, where we seek to enter "to realize our national unity"! Based on these lessons of history, why not realize the "League of Prizren", before this "Bosphorus disease" approaches the EU ?! From 1999 until today, for about 22 years, time has worked for us Albanians, but we have not known how to administer it properly. The responsibility here lies with the politicians and rulers, who have run our affairs. The power given to them by the people, they did not use it for the interests of the people, but for their own interests. We are not accusing them of not bringing paradise, but many things of integration between Albanians, especially between Albania and Kosovo, would have reached the highest parameters and the possible referendum for national unification would be very close to 100 percent. But this did not happen and is not happening. Even, ironically, when the Albanians of Kosovo and Albania thought that after the "trout" of the Serbs, to remove the one of the EULEX in the Morini Customs, the statesmen of Albania, set up there the "tax beam" for the National Road. The statement of Taulant Ballës, that the issue of National Unity will be resolved after we enter the EU and the deduction of Pandeli Majko, that National Unity is an idea of ??the last century, do not surprise us. No wonder, for both Taulant and Pandelius have once again manifested perversions on our fundamental issues. Not far from 2016, at the meeting of the National Assembly of the Socialist Party, in reply to Ben Blushi, who was preparing to leave the party in question, they declared without flinching, that "Between Albania and the Socialist Party, we choose the party"! Although the characters of my article are two important figures of the SP, no one can blame them and their party comrades for the impossibility of uniting Kosovo with Albania. They do not blame them, because they and all our current politicians of all colors, have neither the hips nor the ass to realize national unification, without the permission of the Euro-Atlantic "uncles". The time of such men as that of Enver Hoxha has temporarily passed. We are currently living in the time of castrated men, or to put it mildly, men. However, one thing they should know: If they do not have husbands to appear before the enemy and the elder, at least to spare the words and statements that go in their favor and to the detriment of the homeland.

I will close the article with an episode from the movie "Oshtimë në bregdet" (Fisherman's Family): The character of the movie, Jonus Bruga, is offended by the behavior of his eldest son, Selimi, at a moment when the latter was arguing with he stops his brother for LANÇ issues and addresses him (to Selim): “You do not love anyone but yourself ... Listen to me, do not love me, not even this cuckoo ), which dawned until he raised you. Not even your mother o haram ... But love Albania! Do you hear ?! Love it! "There is no other way for you to live with honor." This call is not only for "Selimët", but for all his Albanian brothers! Be they simple or politicians and rulers!