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Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by

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Our politicians equate themselves with the Messiah and Albania

Our politicians equate themselves with the Messiah and Albania

The age of our politicians matters little. Many times young people talk about the mentality of older people. The swearing is superficial. Insults as well. Not a few of them have thirty years at the helm of political forces. Three decades that come and go in the hall of the Albanian Parliament. Sometimes with mandates and not a few with Molotov cocktails and petrol bottles. Fiery, rarely peaceful. They were residents of the Prime Minister, the Presidency. They entered the path of politics with shorts and now have the status of grandparents. Common? They suffer from megalomania, equating themselves with Albania. This is an extraordinary claim, reprehensible without meaning and without any basis. It is the attitude of the party officials, those with a stamp and signature, appointed and self-elected, who have nothing to say as if they have the fate of the country in their hands. How to be the people, the sovereign himself. They claim to have the power to change everything. To bring us day and night, to make the mountains plains, to reach the highest indicators of development and progress, to make the sun and the rain, to descend the heavens and to be equal to the Himalayas. It is a fact that we experience every day, as soon as we contact one of them. As we watch the television screens rise, swell, speak with pomp and superrelativity, brag and say unheard broccoli and sell them all on behalf of Albania and Albanians. Appear as if they represent an entire people from north to south. To convince us that it is up to them to change everything within a minute. That they have the magic wand in their hands. This arrogance is really painful. When you hear them talking, it is to put your hands on your head. When he sees how an individual without any support with some fictitious members, they come and go from the blue headquarters, with the agreement under their armpits and throw balloons at the Albanians, as if the future of the homeland is decided there and those "men" of the state are the saviors of the nation . We will rebuild Albania, declares Shpëtim Idrizi. So do all the minorities. They ruined Albania in return! We are not against anyone, but only against the one who wants to become the sultan of Albania. This is what Idrizi says, who has experienced the fruits of taxes and customs, an ally and enemy with Nano, a friend and opponent of Rama, who delegated him to the helm of the Albanian Parliament as deputy speaker, but would soon leave the Socialists in the name of democracy. as if aligned with the opposition coalition on behalf of Albania. With this language, speak and address to the Albanians all the thirty-year-old officials of the political parties that the work has loved and the interest has prompted them to kiss one side from the left in the evening and the next day to leave the bed in which they fell asleep and wake up in the room of the sleep of the right. The same movements, although Albanian handicap, these experienced presidents and thirty years of life at the helm of political parties, justify this line of conduct in the name of the major interests of Albania ?! But they are not the only ones. On behalf of the people, even three million Albanians, on behalf of Albania, the President, Ilir Meta invites Rama and those in government to the "Flag Square" which in the memory of Albanians is the symbol of unity and the great covenant. It is the square in honor and memory of the father of independence, Ismail Qemali and until today we have seen in that square, the men of the Albanian nation of all regions to join hands and raise the red and black flag, which was waved for the first time on November 28, 1912, one hundred and eight years ago and this rite will be carried out as long as life and Albanians on this earth. Exactly in the name of the reborn Albania, in the name of the referendum of April 25, in the name of the Constitution of the republic, Meta invites Rama and all those who today support this government and the majority to settle accounts, as if it will take place in that square the duel of the century between Gjergj Elez Alia and the bajlozi who have taken the breath of Albania. All the coalition members who signed the agreement to go to the polls together, although seemingly in complete unity, the first sentence they utter and address to the Albanians, is Albania, are the Albanians. It is the bright future which will reshape democracy, pluralism as if dictatorships have exploded here and I will make dust and ashes all the oligarchs, without of course touching the political oligarchs, lined up on the same front, the anti-majority. To speak on behalf of the people. Pretending to be the voice of Albania. To declare that everything is done in the name of Albania. That she signs on her behalf. That you fight for the future of Albanians and you are the guarantor of the nation and Albanians, is an extraordinary courage, but also an immense arrogance. It is true that the leaders of a country speak on its behalf, the state they represent. But Albania is not equated with an individual who looks like the Messiah and weighs as much as Albania itself. This claim is really grotesque. No one can be equated with the homeland. The homeland belongs to everyone. Not only of the living, of those who inspire on this earth, but also of those who have given their blood and lives, who have fought for its integrity and prosperity, for freedom and independence. Of those who have melted the wealth for Albania and not those who stole its gold! It is the story of the fathers of this country who were born and raised on this earth. No one has the right to equate themselves with the people, much less with Albania. That homeland, are mountains and plains, lakes rivers, hills and mountains, past, present and future. It's the songs and the story. None of the politicians is eternal. We are all passers-by on these lands. We are mortal. The only one that remains is the people and the only one that will stand the test of time is Albania. And you can never equate Albania with yourself, to identify with politicians who have done more harm to this country than have been at the forefront of progress and progress. The greed to seem important, the thirst for power, loses the normal logic of the leaders of political parties, here in our country. They see themselves as the gods above Baba Tomorr who make and undo, lower and raise mountains and hills as they wish, change the course of rivers and calm the seas in the storm. To measure yourself and equate it with Albania, is a hyperbolic claim, take without limits, without any sense, without basis as these lands belong to everyone and the country is not mortgaged, the property of some individuals who think they have us in hand of all. These days, the opposition coalitionists are signing the "Alliance for Change". But how much have they changed themselves and who are those who joined the coalition for change? They sell this as an all-Albanian union, but in reality they are just numbers that are converted with mayors. If they were the leaders of our parties with such weight, there would be no reason for them to climb behind the PD, they would come out openly in the square. They asked the sovereign to give them the power to make them deputies and government officials to run this country after April 25. The same politicians who have a big appetite and are measured by the morning shadow held hostage the agreement of the opposition bloc until the last minute, not for the program because for them it does not even occur to them and for them it is just a set of figures and promises, yes for a safe place on the list guaranteed to be an MP. In no way, neither with prayers nor with negotiations, did the leaders of the opposition parties sit at the dialogue table with Basha to find the word for the objectives, but to find a safe place, to be a deputy for another four years, having the figure 34 fixed. years in the hall of democracy. It is precisely these party leaders who from morning to evening want to fill our minds that they are in control of the fate of Albania, its future, our lives, but in reality they do not even have the power to win under the party logo that they have registered in court. Not in vain all the fuss with President Basha, was made simply and only for a number below the winning visa. Otherwise they would not be signatories of the ND coalition. So many efforts were made in the name of a safe country, that all Albanians have the idea that these, not only can they not speak on behalf of Albania and the people, but also a group of citizens that you can count on your fingers because their followers are like few waters. Thus the coalition is not of parties, but of presidents and numbers. Those who declare that they represent Albania and fight for the future, who guarantee us integration and salvation, development and progress, happiness and well-being, who speak and equate with the homeland, as if they are its creators, with the battle they waged, ostensibly in the name of the people, in fact, they do not guarantee their solution on behalf of the party they represent because they do not have the support and claim that they are the future, that is, the progressives, the change, the progress. But in reality they are just mayors who, on behalf of Albania, seek to rule it, becoming hired deputies in the Democratic Party! We won! Albania won, cheers Basha! The people won! And in the name of Albania is sung the song of victory, of the future and of tomorrow. It is the enthusiasm of the numbers, the ordering of numbers that are not equal to Albania and the people. In the end, those who are lined up are no more than those who left the opposition coalition, without counting the SMI that will run alone and does not unite the votes with the coalition, as a start at least. The account of the opposition votes, minus the votes of Topalli, Patoz, Murrizi and many fugitives from the opposition coalition may be much more than those lined up on the ND front And this will be proven. Plus, minus, zero will be the product of those parties in coalition with presidents, without members, those who speak in the name of victory and equate themselves with Albania! The people are not the mayors, the officials, whether left or right, nor the partisans. They are simply the beneficiaries. Harvesters of material goods. This is their mission, the leitmotif of being in politics. And they are never equivalent to Albania!