Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by coronavirus, here are the 3 cities with the highest number of infections

Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by


How rarely, 'Doctor Bardhyl' tells the beautiful love story with his wife: We met on cousin's prom night!

How rarely, 'Doctor Bardhyl' tells the beautiful love story with his

Well-known actor and pedagogue Petrit Malaj, known by everyone for the role of 'Doctor Bardhyl', told today for the column 'My Half' the love story with his wife, Aneta.

Petrit says that he met Aneta on a mature evening, where he had gone to get his cousin and got stuck there. The cousin introduced her to Aneta from where they danced and started talking about art.

Marsela Çibukaj: How did a Tropojan meet a Vlora woman?

Petrit Malaj: I was a student from '82 -83 and I go to Vlora to my uncles. I have a mother from Vlora and a father from Tropoja and I go to Vlora to stay a few days with my uncle. It was on the evening of graduation that my uncle's daughter told me if my uncle could go with Dhimon and take the girl because he went to work. We go to get the uncle's daughter and stay inside because we liked that evening they had. They held us and invited us inside. This was exactly the first night I saw Aneta.

Marsela Çibukaj: Did we dance together?

Aneta: Yes, we danced together because my uncle's daughter did not want to leave quickly, she says please can you take them and let them dance so that I can push them for a while? She knew my inclinations for art and since Petrit was a student, and she says can you get her to dance with this my friend that and this will come there for actress and on this occasion talk and together. We danced and in the meantime we were exchanging thoughts about art.

Marsela Çibukaj: But did not that spark that could let you know that something could be born not happen?

Aneta: No, that's all.

Petrit Malaj: Then we met in the summer again on the beach in Vlora. Then we went and a little further, we played volleyball, but again we were within a friendship, quite normal acquaintance.

Marsela Çibukaj: And then what happened?

Petrit Malaj: Kur Aneta erdhi studente, fitoi konkursin dhe erdhi studente në fakultet. Padyshim që jemi parë diku në ato korridoret e fakultetit, më foli e pashë dhe më tha kam ardhur studente këtu.

Aneta: Viti i parë ishte shumë i vështirë, janë disa etyde që ne punojmë në vitin e parë dhe i kërkova ndihmë Petritit. Aty më dha një bllok që kishte etydet e veta, në faqen e parë të bllokut rastësisht kishte fotografinë e vetë që kishte dalë shumë bukur dhe sa herë hapja fletoren që të shihja etydet, fleta e parë ishte fotografia.

Petrit Malaj: And little by little we got to know each other, Aneta lived in a dormitory in the Student City. I remember escorting him because we worked late in school and I waited and escorted him to Student City and my house in Lapraka. I had a bicycle that I was doing on the streets in Tirana, it happened that I stayed until 12 at night with Aneta outside the dormitory, and I saw that the bicycle tire was punctured, oh God, how will I get to Lapraka!